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About Us

J.K. Medico is a Danish company with more than 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing electronic power and control systems.

The company's products are continuously developing as a result of the company's research and the feedback gained from customers and end-users.

J.K. Medico aims to meet the toughest demands with regards to quality, product stability and sustainability. This is reflected in all aspects of the company’s activities – from research and development, production, sales, daily applications, service and of course through to follow-up.

J.K. Medico aims to deliver the best product at the right time and at the right price.

Our experienced team ensures the quality and stability required in all of our products. Quality assurance is the cornerstone of our business.

J.K. Medico's company profile and products are outlined on this website. Further information is available by contacting J.K. Medico - either by using the contact information on the left, or by visiting the support page. From the support page it is also possible to download brochures and instruction manuals for the company's products.