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Battery charger 24V/6A

Battery charger 24V/6A
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Price: 1,750.00kr.
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Model: 71000-072-CCC406S
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24V / 10A  Charger with EU standard mains plug and XLR 3-pin Charge connector for wheelchairs and scooters

Medico approved

No fan / No noise

Watertight - IP54,IP65 and IP67

Product datasheet

Choice of charging function

You choose the right factory programming of your Charger by knowing the battery capacity, stated in Ah and the battery type. There are three very common types: AGM batteries and GEL batteries are maintenance-free recombination batteries and the open lead acid battery, which must have the same programming as the AGM battery.

Example: For an AGM battery of 73Ah select: AGM <80Ah (L LL   k3) 

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Battery charger 24V/6A
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